Kiminomori Kindergarten:Summary

Kiminomori Kindergarten:Summary


■Session Ends: 2:30 pm (11:30 am for Morning Kindergarten Session) Session time will be determined by bus schedule for the bus children.

■Lunch provided on:  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday   (300 JPY per kindergarten meal) Please, bring own lunch on Thursday and Friday.From the kindergarten year 2011, lunch will be provided every day except once a month homemade lunch day.

■Day care service:   2:30 pm~6:00 pm A:2:30pm~4:30pm / 400JPY including afternoon tea B:2:30pm~6:00pm / 600JPY including afternoon tea Morning drop-off : 8:00am~8:40am (Free registering system)  ※From the kindergarten year 2013, day care services are scheduled for summer holidays. day care services are scheduled for spring holidays.


1. Once a week English and Physical training by special instructors. 

2. We are a government subsidies approved kindergarten. (subsidies for private kindergartens' enrolment and tuition fee)

3. All classrooms are fully air-conditioned. 

4. Complete security system

■Extracurricular activities 

○Play Room:Gakken early childhood education

○Swimming class (at the Renaissance Toke Asumigaoka)

○Soccer class(WING) 

○English Class (ECC)  

○Painting, art and design class (Ms.Sakurako Ariga)

○Karate class

■Fees and other expenses 

Entrance Fee 50,000 JPY Facility expenses 10,000 JPY (only applied to admitted children)   Screening Fee 3,000 JPY 

Kindergarten fee 5 yrs old 17,000 JPY   4 yrs old 17,000 JPY   3 yrs old 18,000 JPY    Kindergarten bus fare  3,000 JPY

Specialized Education fee  1,900 JPY      book 780~860jpy   Air conditioning cost 6,000 JPY (per annual) 

■Price of uniforms, etc  Set of kindergarten uniform, hat, and bag including summer uniform and hat  25,000 JPY approx PE uniform (short-sleeved top and pants, long-sleeved top and pants) 10,000 JPY approx

■The annual cost for events12,000 JPY(single payment in April)Event costs is for events held during the year such as parent-child trips, sports days and music concerts, etc. However not included in the April payment are costs for a farewell trip for the senior class, overnight stay and photo album, etc.